Iot Based Health Check-Up System


  • Akshay Pophale
  • Abhinav Matte
  • Bharat Vidhani
  • Kushal Mankar
  • Tanvi Madare


Health, Check-up, IOT.


Telehealth and telemedicine area unit seeks the intense importance in today's era by each country with the arrival of the novel corona virus and other critical diseases. Therefore, in this phase, an IoT based health check-up system is the best idea to deal with such pandemic. The developing research sector especially in the field of medical sector is Internet of Things (IoT) which is new revolution of internet. With the rise in application of latest technology, this remote health check-up system has evolved in such a pace encouraging telemedicine and telehealth. IoT based surveillance of health not only assist regular check-up of patient at their own locality which prevents the spread of disease also, it will help in getting a proper diagnosis of the health condition, even if the doctor is far distance away. In this research paper, a mobile functional checking framework is shown, which is able to screen the patient’s weight, height, BMI, heartrate, systolic-diastolic blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen saturation of the patient. We are proposing a health check-up device to screen the patient's basic six vitals which is generally checked by every doctor and store the patient information’s in firebase utilizing Wi-Fi Module based remote correspondence. A remote health check-up technique using IoT is proposed solution which facilitates to access these data stored in firebase using IoT platform and based on these data received, the diseases can be diagnosed by the doctors from a distance.


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Akshay Pophale, Abhinav Matte, Bharat Vidhani, Kushal Mankar, & Tanvi Madare. (2021). Iot Based Health Check-Up System. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 2(6), 27–30. Retrieved from