Seven Level Inverter for Multistring Photovoltaic Application


  • Ashwini Purushottam Ganesh
  • Jawadekar A U


Seven level inverter, Non-renewable energy, Pulse width modulation.


In this dissertation report seven level inverter (SLI) is designed for multistring photovoltaic MVP application. In the era of electrical energy through thermal product is getting exhausted and world is turning towards the non-renewable energy sources. The efforts are more focused about solar energy and hence, need some apparatus or system which will convert the solar energy efficiently toward the load side and that’s why, the paper proposes a system which will convert the solar energy into DC electrical energy and DC electrical source will be converted to AC by efficient technique of the inverter. In this project, the work is done on the " 7 level inverter " in which inverter has several advantages over conventional  inverter that uses high switching frequency pulses width modulation (PWM ) .These can generate output voltage with low distortion and lower dv/dt . By using this is 7 level inverter, we can convert this higher amount of energy into electrical energy to reduce the rectification losses. In this project, the proposed system is converting a solar generated DC source to the AC source by using 7 level inverter and hence yes PWM technique is used for giving the pulses to the 7 level inverter.


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