Finding Missing Person Using AI


  • Shefali Patil
  • Pratiksha Gaikar
  • Divya Kare
  • Sanjay Pawar


KNN classifier, Face Recognition, Dlib


Nowadays to find a missing person is very hard task, although we all are updated by social media, it requires numerous paper work to be done and it is time consuming process and also after doing this hard work, there are not much chances of proper result. This project gives out a system, which helps both police department and public by speeding up the process of searching using face recognition. Therefore, how this system works is that when the person goes missing the respective guardian of that person can upload the image, which then will   get store in our database. Next is, the face recognition model in our system will find a match of that person in the database. If a match is found, it will be notified to the police and the guardian of that person.


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Shefali Patil, Pratiksha Gaikar, Divya Kare, & Sanjay Pawar. (2021). Finding Missing Person Using AI. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 2(6), 101–104. Retrieved from