Immobilizer Compact System (ICS) Using Microcontroller-Based GPS-GSM Module


  • T3 DC. Salmos
  • Ronnie O. Juliano
  • Patrick Neil M. Santiago


Immobilizer Compact System (ICS), Microcontroller-based GPS-GSM Module, Security Device, Technology.


This study developed an Immobilizer Compact System (ICS) using the Microcontroller-based GPS-GSM Module to contribute to the community, particularly those who own a vehicle, in protection of their possessions. The concept of the Input-Process-Output (IPO) model was applied in this study. The research findings are summarized as follows: 1. the Immobilizer Compact System (ICS) using a Microcontroller-based GPS-GSM Module goes through collecting data, followed by the actual construction of the device based on the required materials, hardware, and software; 2. the researchers evaluate the technical features of the Immobilizer Compact System (ICS) based on some ISO 25010 standards in terms of its functionality, reliability, efficiency, and security; 3. the developed Immobilizer Compact System (ICS) was assess the level of effectiveness when implemented in its environment is determined by its operation and accuracy. The researchers gathered vehicle owners, industry experts, and PNP personnel. The overwhelming response of the respondents' study makes the developed device functional, reliable, efficient, and secure.  


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T3 DC. Salmos, Ronnie O. Juliano, & Patrick Neil M. Santiago. (2022). Immobilizer Compact System (ICS) Using Microcontroller-Based GPS-GSM Module. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(09), 46–52. Retrieved from