Awareness and Willingness on COVID-19 Vaccination of Third-Year Medical Technology Students


  • Grace Carl P. Buasen
  • Marie Antoinette G. Cabuños
  • Princess Valerie Pauline E. Capito
  • Rada Noreen N. Recoco
  • Enyanna Karen Ysabella V. Ruiz
  • Ma. Frieda Z. Hapan


COVID-19, Level of Awareness, Vaccination-Related Factors, Vaccines, Vaccine Uptake, and Willingness.


Only little is known about the Coronavirus disease at the start of its discovery. Viral outbreaks occurred from one place to another, which facilitated a rapid transmission of the infection resulting in a pandemic. This public health emergency prompted scientists to start formulating vaccines that are very effective as a preventive intervention against the spread of the coronavirus disease. However, the evident worldwide uncertainty towards vaccines proved to be a key challenge toward a successful COVID-19 vaccine uptake. This study evaluates various vaccination-related factors that are highly significant in recognizing the facets that affect the public’s awareness and willingness toward COVID-19 vaccination. Using a purposive sampling approach, a quantitative descriptive-correlational study was conducted among third-year medical technology students for the academic year 2021-2022 from a higher education institution in Manila. Cochran’s Formula generated a sample size of 93, but for data saturation, 96 participants were included in the study. A descriptive statistical test, Spearman’s rank-order correlation, and Cronbach’s Alpha reliability test was applied to display the distribution and variability of responses, the correlation of the awareness of the participants on COVID-19 vaccine availability and their willingness to vaccination, and the measurement of reliability and consistency of the responses. The results showed that the participants had a high level of awareness regarding the COVID-19 vaccination since most of the participants answered the fact-based questions correctly. Various factors that affect the willingness of the participants are also extensively assessed. The results showed that most participants are still willing to get vaccinated regardless of the factors that influence their decision. Overall, there is a significant weak correlation between the awareness and willingness of the participants to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This study provides a timely assessment of awareness and willingness regarding COVID-19 vaccination and factors affecting vaccine uptake among third-year medical technology students.


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Grace Carl P. Buasen, Marie Antoinette G. Cabuños, Princess Valerie Pauline E. Capito, Rada Noreen N. Recoco, Enyanna Karen Ysabella V. Ruiz, & Ma. Frieda Z. Hapan. (2022). Awareness and Willingness on COVID-19 Vaccination of Third-Year Medical Technology Students . International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(09), 90–114. Retrieved from




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